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Welcome to, the Playable NFT Collectibles Metaverse

Make room for the new Doggz on the Blockchain. Bitbullz are a set of 10,000 stylized avatar NFTs housed in a uniquely crafted, playable 3D metaverse. Each BitBull has its own unique personality and traits, with some genes being rarer than others.
Breed them, pet them, collect them, see them evolve.

The BitBullz Trailer

What are BitBullz?

BitBullz are a collection of 10,000 male unique 3D avatars living as NFTs in their own 3D game world BitBullz Valley, on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each BitBull has its own unique characteristics and personality, and is ready to breed to create new, evolved BitBullz NFTs to populate the metaverse. Sign up to receive your first BitBull when the first 10,000 BitBullz will be released.

The Game

In Development by Artnroll Games with Unreal Engine technology, BitBullz is an online playable metaverse where you can collect, breed, trade and play your creations.

Gameplay takes place in a interactive virtual 3D cityscape with free roaming playability alongside organized turn based challenges and events.

In free roaming mode you will be able to access all areas, interact with other players, trade and buy in-game assets through contracts.

By collecting and breeding BitBullz in your account, you will be able to upgrade and breed rarer and more unique BitBullz, leading to new evolutions.

In PvP mode, you can enter challenges and events such as dance offs, talent and skill challenges to earn Pawz tokens and rare prized BullDrops.

Sell and trade in-game items and NFTs from within the metaverse or from your wallet outside of the game, the choice is yours.

Take an amazing journey through your BitBullz eyes. What path will you choose? it's up to you.

The Late Night Show


Alex Papadopoulos

Creative Director / Artist

Paul Democritou

Marketing / Operations

Constantine Papadopoulos

Art DIrector / Artist

George Sagiakos

Senior Game Programmer

Gail Seymour


Sotiris Tavoulas

IT Administrator




When do BitBullz launch?

Bitbullz will be launched very soon, follow our social media channels to get notified.

On which network do BitBullz reside?

All BitBullz are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum because it’s the largest blockchain for NFTs, partnering with the largest and most active secondary market (OpenSea).

How many BitBullz will be available?

Over 500 different attributes were crafted ranging from hair, skins, backgrounds, hats, outfits, accessories & much more. They were then placed into our 3D Generator to create 10,000 exclusive, unique & individual BitBullz to live and breathe in the Bitbullz Valley.

How can i become BitBullz Investor?

Download and install the mobile app or desktop browser plugin called Metamask.
This will allow websites that you authorize access to your Ethereum account.
Once you have the plugin installed, our website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to bid on.