Upcoming RPG adventure set in a stylized fictional world inspired by Zootopia.

a unique take on the RPG genre

The Game allows players to Explore, Craft, Breed, Trade, Protect and Earn in a fictional fantasy RPG theme on Polygon Chain inspired by Zootopia, where players seek challenge, mastery, and reward, all packed with entailing and motivating activities.

Welcome to BitBullz Valley

The BitBullz Game is inspired by PitBulls dogs and games such as GTA, WOW and films Zootopia, but in its own nostalgic stylized aesthetic and scope, aiming to produce a fun balanced social game experience and a new IP full of possibilities.

Digital Collectibles

The goal the players is to reach their BitBullz characters to maximum level and become one of the highest ranked BitBull on Billboards of the Valley. Higher ranks means better genes, better genes means higher valuable breeds and crafts to trade.
Take your in-game experience to the next level? Our reward system will help you unlock exclusive content and perks. From powerful weapons and rare items to cosmetics and more, there’s something for every player.
Are you ready to hit the road in style? BitBullz game features a fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. From sleek sports hover cars to off-road weird vehicles and more, there’s something for every player.
Depending on the shop, players can have access to the different resources gathered from explorations, quests, PVE and more while playing. The goal of the stores are to give players a fun revenue stream by trading and crafting unique items for other players in the game.

Game Concept & Design | Market Research | Concept Validation | Start Pre-production

Finalize Concept | Website Creation | Game Concept Trailer | Community Development | Pre-production

Woof paper | Pitch Deck | Smart Contract | Game Development

Finalize NFTs | Smart Contract | Audit | Community | Development | Community Events | Game Development

NFT sale | AMA | Community Events | Game Development | Official Game Trailer

Public Sale & Listing | NFT Sale | Marketplace Development | Staking | Game Internal Testing

Beta Testing | Updates | Optimization | Marketplace Development

Updates | Optimization | Game Soft Launch | Marketplace Integration

Game PC Launch | Marketplace Launch | Online 3rd party Avatar importer Launch

Meet Larry !

We have that vision of one gamified experience across online streaming mediums. With that in mind, we have created an in-game Non Playable Character “NPC” influencer with his own pilot season with informative and engaging scripts, with updates from the virtual BitBullz Valley.


Alex Papadopoulos

Founder Art & Creative Director

Paul Democritou

Co-Founder | Marketing | Operations

Constantine Papadopoulos

Art DIrector | Concept Artist


Product Manager | Community Manager


Blockchain Development

Dimitris Farmakis

Esports / Web3 Advisor

Alexander Gorbenko

Chief Marketing Officer

Sotiris Tavoulas

IT Administrator


Community Builder & Space Host

Evan Klimakis

Managing Director

Claydee Lupa

Music Creative Director

Bill Kosofidis

Audio Producer | Sound Designer

Gail Seymour




Jenna X


Manos Kartas

Q&A Testing & Content

Your Journey awaits!

Join our community for weekly challenges and rewards.



Upcoming rpg adventure set in a stylized fictional world filled with animals inspired by zootopia.

Artnroll Games team, working on new game IP BitBullz, a Web3 RPG Adventure inspired by Zootopia. Artnroll Games, announce an upcoming multiplayer RPG Adventure game, BitBullz. The game is a…

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Your Friendly Metaverse Paw-tner is here to play and earn.

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Frequently asked questions


What is BitBullz?

BitBullz is a Play+Earn RPG adventure where you Explore, Craft, Breed, Trade, Protect the Valley from dangers that are larking in the shadows. Your goal is to become the finest BitBull on the planet through challenging and adventurous gameplay.

When do BitBullz launch?

Bitbullz will be launched very soon, join our discord server https://discord.gg/bitbullz to secure your spot by following the community instructions, also you can follow our social media channels to get notified. https://twitter.com/BitBullz_io

Where will BitBullz be available to purchase?

On the official BitBullz website bitbullz.io

On which network do BitBullz reside?

All BitBullz are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum because it’s the largest blockchain for NFTs, partnering with the largest and most active secondary market (OpenSea). All in game items are stored on the Polygon network.

How many BitBullz will be available?

Over 500 different attributes were crafted ranging from hair, skins, backgrounds, hats, outfits, accessories & much more. They were then placed into our 3D Generator to create 10,000 exclusive, unique & individual BitBullz to live and breathe in the Bitbullz Valley.

Is there a limit?

The limit per user/wallet is 2.

How can i become BitBullz NFT Investor?

Download and install the mobile app or desktop browser plugin called Metamask.
This will allow websites that you authorize access to your Ethereum account.
Once you have the plugin installed, our website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to bid on.

When the game will be released ?

Currently, BitBullz is in Alpha stage of development. If you would like to sign up for a chance to access Closed Beta, please join our discord server at http://discord.gg/bitbullz

What Airdrops can we expect, and how can we participate ?

News about Airdrops, NFT’s and tournaments will continually be announced in our discord server at http://discord.gg/bitbullz for more information.

What are the play & earn aspects in BitBullz?

Players can earn in-game rewards in PawzBits through challenges and exploration, or through quests across the Valley. Additionally, players can craft items for other players and breed BitBullz avatars and sell them in the in game marketplace.

Will BitBullz Game be available on mobile platforms?

Our long term plans are yes to have cross-platform capabilities, more information will be announced after the game launch.

I'm an content creator and influencer - Can i help?

Yes, of course you can always contact us directly at info@bitbullz.io or by opening a ticket in our discord server, and we will contact you.

Who is Larry Grr?

Larry Grr is our creation for communicating differently our gaming news to the world, he is actually vtuber and in game NPC that you will have the chance to chat and get some valuable information. You can follow him at Twitter